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Best 7 Cryptocurrency For Investing in 2019

The Cryptocurrency or digital currency has gained a lot of popularity recently, and due to the volatility of the digital currency market, it requires careful follow-up to find the best digital currencies for investment, where hundreds of digital currencies compete today for leadership and success, but only a few will be successful and acquire value The largest market.

Best Cryptocurrency For Investment in 2019

There are a lot of new Cryptocurrency that appear and rise strongly and then die and disappear. But some lucrative digital currencies have managed to be among the top 10 currencies in the market. Of course, there are currencies that have survived for years and have achieved remarkable results and have exceeded the market value of billions of dollars and there.

Here are Best 7 Cryptocurrency For Investing in 2019 that have a great volume of trading:

Bitcoin BTC

Bitcoin is The largest digital currency in the world in terms of volumes and market value. Last year, Bitcoin witnessed a stunning year, with the value exceeding the $20,000 mark by the end of last year. It is the first decentralized currency and is fully managed by its users and has been supported by many websites and electronic stores characterized by the rapid spread and ease of mining through computers, which is important for conversion speed and low fees.

Bitcoin Cash BCH

The composition of Bitcoin Cash is the currency resulting from the split of Bitcoin, which appeared at the beginning of last August. This Cryptocurrency of Bitcoin assumes the division of the Bitcoin Blockchain record and updates the rules of the agreement, which will allow the encrypted currency to grow and expand. Bitcoin is a new type of virtual asset that allows you to reduce the time spent in e-currency transactions.

Recently, the currency of Bitcoin Cash has risen sharply, reaching the highest level since its emergence. The market capitalization of Bitcoin currently exceeds $24 billion, ranking fourth, preceded by the currency “Bitcoin”, “Ether” and “Ripple”.




Is the second largest and best Cryptocurrency for investment in terms of size and market value and caused a stir worldwide as an Ethereum jumped during the first five months of this year from $ 10 to more than $ 400 per unit. It has grown exponentially and has been adopted by many technology companies such as Microsoft and others. The most important characteristic of Ethereum is that the Blockchain is not designed to be a propulsion system such as Bitcoin but a decentralized solution package that enables applications to operate without a server.

LiteCoin LTC

LiteCoin is the latest digital currency emerging in the digital currency market and has emerged as an evolutionary infrastructure for Bitcoin. LiteCoin took the lead earlier this year when it implemented a new update, enabling it to reduce processing time, and may be applied by other currencies in the future.

Ripple XRP

The New York Times described the ruble as a transit bridge between Western Union and currency exchange, without huge fees, and uses the ruble to link banks, payment services, digital asset exchanges and companies. The digital currency is one of the most important and best digital currencies for investment in the world. With many experts’ testimony, time is the only factor in rising prices in the near future and is likely to replace banks in the future in terms of the speed and ease of remittances.


Although recently listed in the market, but managed to be among the top ten currencies in the market in terms of market value ..

But very few people have an idea of ​​what the Cardano project is really interesting, which was created by a good team of developers and they have a clear roadmap to develop a smart contract platform designed to deliver more advanced features than any other existing protocol.


NEO, this Cryptocurrency is regarded as the Chinese Ethereum, it is similar to Ethereum, in terms of purpose and purpose, with a difference in the target market. Ethereum platform is world-wide and based in Switzerland. The NEO platform was created by Chinese programmers and targeted only to the Chinese market. It currently holds the sixth position in capitalization, with a total market capitalization of more than $7.8 billion. Where it increased by about 1300 times from $0.11 to $140 within one year.

The entry of the new Cryptocurrency NEO into the world’s top ten currencies is a logical event for a Chinese currency that enjoys strong and growing support. It can be said that it contributed significantly to the fever of encrypted currencies last year.